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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  February 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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flights to resume today. that was reagan national airport. already we have 1200 cancellations across the country today. we checked with dulles, reagan where a few dozen have already been canceled and most of those are to the east. >> is the storm over? >> it's over, but we're dealing with the after pekts. it's going to take days and days and many of those cities from there l the way to new england to dig out from the massive storm. here this morning, it has turned much colder. overnight, whatever melted yesterday is frozen right up. we had sheets of water going across many area road, but now that has frozen up, temperatures around the region are in the 20s. freezing from the mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches. right now 32 at reagan national
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al and we have windchills, as well, down to the teens. that wind still gusting over 30 miles an hour and as a result we still have a few scattered power outages and windchills in the teens. so you definitely need to layer up if you're about to head out early on this thursday morning. over the last 12 hours, the last of the snow has left new england. just a few light snow showers in pennsylvania and parts of west virginia. we do have a partly cloudy start to this morning and we'll have a blustery wind, though, that will eventually settle down by this afternoon. but it's only briefly going to get before freezing between noon and 3:00 p.m. then right back done below freezing tonight. sunshine 7:3, the sunset at 5:32. we'll take a look at what will be happening toward the weekend in ten it minuminutes. how is the traffic look something. >> looking pretty between. no big deals to report except for patches of ice and that certainly will be an issue as we get underway.
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taking a rip north along i-95 through the interchanges, travel lanes are open. a lot of overnight construction on the beltway in both directions, so head's up for that. elsewhere, we'll switch to the next camera, this is 95, fairfax county parkway looking pretty good. south of town, woodrow wilson bridge not bad, but then that melted yesterday refroze. travel lanes open both ways. smooth sailing along the way for the beltway. >> square rirks thanks very much. a police officer is in the hospital after he hit a patch of back ice. just a reminder of how dangerous the roads can be. tracee wilkins is live with a look at the conditions after the melting of yesterday and the rephrase of ovr refreeze. >> reporter: drivers need to be very careful when they're
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driving this morning. you can see this sheet of ice. take a look out here to the roads. here is where the real issue will be for folks driving this morning. we're at 42nd here in northwest washington. look at this, just sheets of pure ice. we talked with the d.c. department of transportation and what they're saying is we already had a lot of salt on the roadways from the previous storm, so that should help deal with the ice. and they continue to have salt down there, but there are a lot of slick spots. let me show you what 2 looks like in prince george's county. 11:00 p.m. last night, will was the this is over in clinton. a police officer hit a sheet of
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ice and went into a telephone pole. he's in the hospital recovering. but, guys, if it can happen to him, it can happen to you. you really need to be careful this morning. specifically in the dark. and look out for the possibility of black ice. remember, the thing that's deceiving about black ice is that it looks like the road is wet, but as cold as it is, definitely ice. tracee wilkins live in northwest. back to you in the studio. >> potentially deadly situation. thanks very much, tracy. >> new today, governor o'malley and lawmakers will introduce a bill that will establish reliability standards and fine utility comes that do not meet their needs during extreme weather. next week pepco leaders will be in the hot seat. the house will hold a hearing in an nap list on tuesday to find out what happened during last week's outages from the winter storm. thousands of people were left in the dark for days in prince george's and montgomery countys.
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it took pepco five days to restore everyone's power. meanwhile pepco could be forced to return money back to its customers. pepco makes the same amount of money even when the power companies out. now they want them to return the money for every major power outage since 2007. it will look in to billing concerns. governor o'malley will deliver his state of the say the address today. the governor has said that he'll focus on the state's budget during his second term in office. he's already outlined plans to reduce $1 billion in spending. the husband of gabrielle giffords will attend a national prayer breakfast this morning. mark kelly will deliver the closing prayer on behalf of his wife who was wounded in a mass shoot manage tucson last month. president obama will also speak at today's events.
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congresswoman giffords remains at a rehab hospital. kelly has said that his wife is making progress. president obama will travel to penn state university. it's the next leg of his tour to promote american innovation. during this visit, he'll be talking about energy efficiency. the trip was supposed to take place yesterday, but was pushed back because of the nationwide winter storm. the republicans' efforts to appeal the health care reform law has hit a dead end. we're taking a live look at the just capitol where questioned t yesterday the senate voted against repealing the law. it sets up a possible battle in the supreme court. the judges recently ruled a mandate that people were required to buy health insurance or face penalties violated the constitution. there is no word yet on what happens next, but plig experts fully expect the battle to reach
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the high court sooner rather than later. 30 degrees out will. ahead, a power outage help police catch a man suspected in a burglary spree. plus a big announcement on the massive hot lanes project. >> and the '50s have so yesterday.
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bone chilling cold once again. we had a little flirt with warm weather in the middle of the day yesterday and then, boom, it got cold fast. windy, too. really felt it. so this morning, what do you think about our weather? >> yeah, spring fling. it lasted maybe 18 minutes yesterday. enough it rapidly melt the snow that then created the sheets of water on many roads that have now frozen up. so, yes, watch out for the black ice. we'll be warning but that all morning long. right now it's below freezing throughout the entire region. we're in the 20s to just over 30 degrees now. in addition, we've got that wind whipping in out of the north and west occasionally gusting to 30, 35 miles an hour. look at these windchills, they're down into the teens. and you need to layer up as you head off to work and school on this thursday morning. a blustery wind will be with us from time to time. with the sunshine, that will be welcome to see the sun back, but it's only going to get above freezing and then during the day on friday, increasing clouds and
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high near 40. late friday night into early saturday morning, might get a little sleet. may end as brief period of snow. a look in to next week is in ten minutes. somehow traffic? >> no doubt about it, the ice could be an issue. so we'll have to watch it very carefully. south capital street through southeast washington, was a sore 1309 but everything appears to be open and moving nicely. south capital street, 295, very quiet morning. elsewhere in from the west, all the way to the beltway, we're doing okay. keep in mind there was overnight road work along 270 as you head southbound out of german town. the i-95 corridors doing fine. in bound route 50 eastern shore looking good. >> jerry, thank you. 4:41 on your time. still to come, who is invited to the president's super bowl party? joe? plus right now it's on sale. the verizon iphone. why verizon employees are being
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the violence in egypt intensified. supporters of mubarak are now clashing with protesters who are demanding that he step down immediately. the country's health minister now says at least five people have been killed. more than 800 others have been hurt. the white house is demanding they investigate to violence. they want president obama to do more to get mubarak out of office and they took their message directly to the white house last night. news 4's craig melvin has more. >> reporter: roughly 200 protesters screamed at the white house demanding president obama do more to force out mubarak and usher in a new era of democracy.
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>> the people love what america stands for. >> reporter: but in egypt yesterday, the bloody revolution continued. >> i think we're very lucky we got out when we did. i'm glad we didn't stay there one more day. >> reporter: these were not the pictures the family hoped to smap on their egyptian vacation. pat and her daughter arrived in cairo for what was supposed to be a 12 day get away. instead, for five days, the alexandria family never left their hotel room. >> outside our window, there were two or three buildings just burning black smoke into the sky. >> the helicopters would be even with our balcony. >> the jets were flying one day. >> reporter: while the violence and assigns deadly chaos unfolded on the streets below, they insist they never felt like they were in any real danger. despite all the scenes and images, it was a conversation with their egyptian tour guide that was most memorable.
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>> sometimes out of the ugliest mud, a beautiful flower would bloom and he really loves egypt and hopes that the future will be a good one for him and for his children. >> reporter: back at the white house, we met a woman who left egypt for america 42 years ago. she told us she was chanting for the children, as well. >> the education, get out of college, can't find a job. they're on the internet every day and they see how the west live. they just want to live. >> reporter: a number of the protest test tors i talked to expressed the sale concern. they said if the continues continued to worsen in egypt, hen and the united states does not play a more active role in facilitating a rans six, the certain islamic fundamentalists could increase their power in egypt. craig melvin, "news 4 today." sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you sxhept when they do.
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dan smi der says he's hurt and now he's suing the pain foreripping him in an article back in november. the piece written by dave mckenna points out every seemingly unpopular move snyder has made. it includes charging fans to come and watch the team practice and having a revolving door of coaches. there were also allegations that snyder was trying to skirt congressional gift limits by linking standing room only tickets to the high priced suites. snyder alleges the paper was anti-is mi anti-semit anti-semitic. the paper responded saying oig it's extremely unfortunate that snyder believes it's appropriate to threaten city paper with litigation because he objects to our coverage. we've offered him a forum to respond on this and the invitation stands." it's 4:47. maryland basketball pans may be blue today thanks to those blue
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devils. they fell to duke last night. maryland trailed by seven at halftime and couldn't muser enough to overcome that deficit. this is the blue devils' eighth win in the last nine meetings. they won just last month at duke. and some people in college park are declaring last night a victory and that's because no one rioted after the game. a postgame bond fire which was planned in advance went off without a hitch and there were no reports of any arrests. and that's a far cry from last wreer when you remember fans celebrating the win over duke by rioting in the streets that led to a number of arrests on campus. >> the new other than of the rows kroft raceway wants to add slts. penn national gaming bought the racetrack for $11 million. a bankruptcy judge approved the deal, so pen national plans to lob fwoi a change in the law. police arrested a man in
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connection to at least ten burglaries all thanks to a phone charger. cody wilkins did not have power in his home last friday, so police say he broke into another house to plug in his phone. after tracking that phone back to wilkins, police say they found stolen electronics and jewelry linking him to break-ins. police have also arrested a former priest for allegedly abusing two students. police charged 57-year-old garrett orr for inappropriately touching two students where he automatic from 1989 to 2003. georgetown prep says in a statement that orr was not working at the school at the time of the allegations first brought to the school's attention. 4:49 now. australia has widespread damage because of the strongest cyclone the country has seen in 100 years. yasi has uprooted streets and
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thoked out power to more than 170,000 people. amazingly there are no reports of any deaths or serious injuries across the 190 mile disaster zone. even though the storm is over, local police have sifed residents to stay inside until they can assess the safety of the areas hit. look at that. and australia has had some difficult weeks. >> we've had wild weather over much of the plan either. united kingdom has had a snow and cold weather. we've been missing a lot of the major big winter storms and this morning, well, we are dealing with a little bit of patchy ice that formed after that big snow melt yesterday. mostly cheer sky now. 32 at national airport and the winds out of the north/northwest at about 15, gusting to around 20. and the temperatures around the region are below freezing throughout the entire region after that brief spring fling we
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had yesterday afternoon and all that rapid snow melt, it has just frozen right back up, 20s from the shenandoah valley to the atlantic beaches. windchills now in the teens in most locations, as well. we've had the winds gusting to around 20 to 30 miles an hour over the last several hours. it will gradually diminish throughout the day. a frigid morning out in the mountains down in to the teens there how. and it's just a little bit above freezing through southeastern virginia. it was near 70 degrees in norfolk yesterday. in you it's down to 37. a huge change. over the last 12 hours, that snowstorm that hit chicago and new england has pretty much ended, but look what it left in chicago. this is a neighborhood, one of the northwest neighborhoods of chicago, buffalo grove, this is a yardstick in the driveway. they used a snow blower to cheer the driveway, but off in the distance, this is the street and another street here covered with at least four or five feet of snow. snow rampd up all the way on to the porch, up to the front windows of that house. there were some reports of 7-foot drifts around chicago
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from that powerful storm that was a couple feet of snow, but the winds were gusting to 70 miles an hour drifting. and here we'll have a plus it terry wind this morning and it will settle down this afternoon. but a cold day. we'll only get above freezing around noorn. overnight tonight should be partly cloudy and by dawn tomorrow, a frigid start. friday highs near 40. near freezing saturday morning and we might get a wet snow and late saturday afternoon a few passing snow showers. and then 20s on sunday morning. sunday afternoon, some sunshine back into the low 40s. 40s again on monday with increasing clouds and upper level disturbance coming through tuesday may give us a few passing snow showers and cold after that. now how is traffic? >> i don't want to be mean to the folks in illinois, but better them than us. are you with me, people?
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let's check out the beltway. outer loop college park to silver spring, no snow on the roadway. watch for the ice. have to be very cautious will. new hampshire avenue looks good. elsewhere, rush hour picking up a little pace here, this is what i wanted to show you, this is our barometer of the icy conditions. so again be very, very careful. and we have one more stop? i don't believe we do. i think that's it. >> okay, thank you very much. virginia leaders are expected to mouns that the state will no longer build high occupancy toll or hot lanes on a six mile stretch of i about 95 inside the beltway. counties filed a la sue tut wsu prevent the lanes from being built. the state will work on other projects aimed at easing congestion and that could include building hot lanes on 95
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between stafford county and fairfax. verizon customers, taoday i the day many have of you have been waiting for that about you can start pre-ordering right now. we tried to order one this morning and got right through. it says we can expect delivery on pen 10th. until now, the iphone was only available on the at&t network. verizon is expecting a big demand, so much so that according to an e-mail, verizon is asking its employees and their families to hold off on ordering the phone so more are available for the public. that poen is not for me, by the way. even president obama is planning a super bowl party for this weekend and we hear that he's inviting a few celebrity friends. there are reports that jennifer lopez and marc anthony have been invited to the white house to watch the game. the couple first met president obama in 2009 during the
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congressional hispanic caucus annual gala in which anthony was honored. they have reportedly maintained friends ever since. >> did you get an invitation, too? >> did not, but we hope someone is bringing some chips and dip. >> i'm sure they'll have lots of great food. coming up, drama in d.c. a new show based in georgetown. . plus a building buckles under the weight of too much the arthcrescent you ve on holiday. e are the ones e on a friday. piury escent pza poc. with just a feingredients, you veany to make . the cresthe other 364.
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welcome back at 4:58. d.c. council members are the second highest paid lawmakers among the nation's largest cities. michael brown tells the washington examiner this is not news. he says the d.c. council has more responsibility because it does state, county and city functions. washington, d.c. is more than 130 thod. baltimore council members make more than $63,000. new york, $121,000. and philadelphia more than $121,000. los angeles council members earn more than $178,000. all pretty good salaries. >> baltimore earns less than half of any of them. it looks like washington, d.c. may be the setting for another television show. the hollywood reporter says that
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new show called georgetown is in the works. it was created by josh schwartz who is behind will the teen dramas the o.c. and gossip girl. the show would reportedly be about young people behind the power brokers of d.c. no word on when the pilot might air. kids in the washington area will soon be able to take a trip to sesame street. it's teaming up with the national children's museum. the new museum is set to open in 2013 and will include a permanent sesame street exhibit. the show's favorite characters including big bird and elmo will serve virtual guides. please details will be released later today. very cool. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m.


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